“What is PPC?” you may ask… PPC is an acronym for the phrase “Pay Per Click”. Pay per click (PPC) is also called, Paid Per Click, Paid Search, Search Engine Marketing, Cost per Click Marketing. PPC is an advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner or Google/Bing) when the ad is clicked.
In its simplest terms, setting up a PPC campaign consists of two tasks. First, compile words or phrases that a user may type into the search engine allowing your ad to appear. Secondly, set a bid for what you will pay if someone clicks your ad.

Normally, the higher you bid against your competitors, the higher your ad will appear on the results page. Higher placed ads generally get more clicks than those lower on the search result page. Below is an example of PPC ads for the keyword “best vacations”.
SeerInteractive states, “For example; You’re a travel company that offers reduced rates on airfare and hotels. If you were looking to target a broad audience to create brand awareness you may bid on a keyword like “cheap vacations” – meaning anytime anyone typed “cheap vacations” to the search bar whether it be those words exactly or variations of those words, your ad would appear. A more granular approach would be , if you were running a special to Mexico and looking to target the working class between the hours of 5-9pm, on the east coast, who are just searching for the term “Cheap vacation to Mexico” – you could do that too.”
If you plan on running a successful PPC campaign, you need to at least include the following weekly tasks to your schedule or hire a PPC Company like Ennovative to handle the heavy tasks for you.

Add New Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are one part of every successful Pay Per Click Campaign. Negative keywords are words or phrases that you do not want your ad displayed for. A good example would be that if you are selling a special Mexico vacation that leaves from Houston only; you might want to not show that ad to someone looking for a vacation leaving from Miami. A good negative strategy is much more detailed than this one example, but you should get the point. Several tools can help with negative keyword selections: Google Keyword Planner or Do you know, how much your competitors spend on AdWords? SEMrush.com will tell you! being two that we use in-house.

Optimize Bids
Bid optimization can be a complex process. If you neglect your keyword bids you will be overpaying for clicks on most terms and getting less leverage than you could out of your best keywords. You need to monitor performance and analyze a lot of data to determine your most effective bids. There are automation tools to help with this like Wordstream which is our preferred in-house tool.

Add New Keywords
A strong PPC campaign will all strive to perform continuous keyword research to build a database of the most cost-effective PPC keywords people use to find your website. You may have a great idea of what people search for, but there are likely hundreds of words you have not thought of. Having a good Keyword discovery platform like SEMRush or Wordstream is always helpful.

Optimize Ads
Another item or task that needs to be done each week is quickly and easily creating more targeted, relevant ads and ad groups that earn high Quality Scores. Having a higher quality score is directly in proportion to having a great targeted ad and landing page, all speaking to the keyword(s) that are searched with. You should always be slit testing different add copy and running it like an internal competition. The winner moves on, the looser gets paused and rewritten.
As can be seen from this small group of weekly tasks that must be performed, PPC campaigns can be a little time consuming.  Having a great set of tools to help is always a great place to start.  Having a certified Adwords Agency help with getting things organized for the first few months is also a great way to get going with Adwords.  In our experience, most folks who don’t take the time to learn what they are doing with PPC before starting always end of up wasting more money than just hiring a professional to start with.