About 100 million blogs are on the Internet, and each one is shouting for attention. A blog that isn’t read is a blog that doesn’t exist. Here are four important tips for getting noticed in order to increase traffic to your blogs.

Write New Content
You need to constantly freshen up your blog to attract readers. That means writing new content constantly. Readers will come back to a blog if they know that new and fresh content will appear at least once a week. Writing a new article takes less than an hour. If time is scarce, it is easy to pay a writer to write content for your blog. Either way, posting new content will keep readers coming back. In addition, Google loves new content and will reward a website with higher page rankings.

Expand Your Links
Linking to other blogs that will complement the information on your blog and attract readers. For example, if your blog is about growing fruit trees, linking to a garden supply store will enhance your blog. That way, after a visitor reads about planting an apple tree, you have a link waiting to direct that person to another site that sells nutrients for apple trees. The owner of that garden supply store will see that your blog is sending customers to his website and may create a link to your blog. This provides great link juice that will enhance your standing in Goggle’s algorithm. It will earn your blog credit and a higher page rank with Google. Remember, though, that the link should have some connection to the subject of a blog. It’s not about how many links you have but how relevant those links are.

Comments Build Loyalty
By allowing readers to comment on your blog, you build loyalty by answering those comments. It shows visitors that you are interested in their opinions. You can also leave a comment on other blogs that is beneficial to the topic. Don’t forget to leave comments on other blogs with your URL. An interesting comment will entice people to click on the link and visit your blog.

Social Bookmarking Posts
Posting an enticing tidbit on Reddit, Digg or StumbleUpon, can attract thousands of blog readers and increase your traffic. Follow their rules, and make your post interesting. There is a world of possibilities out there to benefit you blog so it is important to take advantage of some of them.