The simple answer is, “Yes!” However, since I am an search engine optimizer and obviously need the answer to be yes, let me back this claim up with some real science. When I say science, I mean data. I want to look at the data related to clicks on the organic results in Google as a starting point.

SlingshotSEO’s report titled, A Tale of Two Studies: Establishing Google & BING Click-Through Rates, is one of the latest studies to come out and what it alludes to is that 52% of Google users click on an organic search result found on page one. Of these links, approximately 20% of users will click on the first listing of Google, while the second listing only receives 10% of clicks. Only 5% of users will click on the third listing.

In fact, for non-retail enterprise keywords, the kind you will likely be needing to rank for, we find that the click through rate on the first position is close to 50% of every click on that page.
Let’s break this down to what really matters, new clients. Let’s say that a keyword get 1,000 clicks. If you are on the first page, you have a potential of receiving 520 clicks (52%). If you are in the 1st position for a non-retail enterprise keyword you should get 260 clicks (50%). Let’s also assume that your website converts clicks at a rate of 4% and your average client is worth $500.00. You monthly gross for that keyword would be $5,200.00. Not too bad.

So, “Yes! If you want new clients, SEO is worth it.” New clients are what we want and organic SEO is one way to get them. You can use this same logic for determining ROI of any search engine marketing channel. Whether Organic, Social Signals, PPC, or any of the others, good data analysis can help you better understand the dynamics of Search Engine Marketing. Before starting a SEO Campaign, Ennovative always does this type of detailed analysis in order to set goals and set the expectation for success. SEO is very measurable when an agency plans upfront and discloses the data before beginning the campaign. Have a question about your keywords, shoot us an email ( or call  7132493735