VALVE SOURCE, INC. (VSI) is an international distributor that specializes in the handling of clients who procure products and services for valves, pipe, and their accessories. They have an extensive experience in the industrial valve market, offering consulting services in the sizing and selection of valves for a variety of applications, temperature conditions, anti-cavitation and noise attenuation.

When our team met with VSI, their website was in need of a facelift. They understood that in order to increase sales, they needed a website that was not only appealing but fully optimized. VSI offers a line of specialty valves that was not reflected on the website.  The quality, number of pages, product gallery, that client needed would have cost a fortune when compared to similar websites.  Client also needed a line sheet that could be readily emailed to clients in need of their products and services. In addition, the amount of content and product description for the new website would have taken months if we relied on client to provide content.

After several strategy sessions with client, our design team came up with several landing page concepts for the website.  We had their entire office provide feedback as to which ones they liked best. We put the feedback together and came up with a unique design concept that reflected the sentiments of the staff. Our copywriters relieved the clients from the daunting task of content development. Our project management team was able to research products, categorize them by manufacturer and within two months, an almost insurmountable task was realized within budget.

Ennovative was able to deliver a stunning website to VSI. The landing page is a powerful collage of  product manufacturers supported by a dashing gallery, organized to feature the valve specialties supported by client. Within the last seven years Ennovative has been providing online and SEO support resulting in all KEY WORDS featuring on FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE through ORGANIC SEARCHES. VSI has realized sales increase over the years and their phones have been ringing due to product inquires generated from the website.

Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management System, Brochure Design, Printing

We have had a website for several years but we needed to upgrade it. Ennovative Solutions, Inc. met with us to discuss our needs and made suggestions that we hadn’t considered. They have made a tremendous improvement to our site. They were extremely helpful and professional and have kept in close contact to make sure that all of our needs have been met.