The goal at INTERIYOUR DESIGN is to capture each client’s unique essence by seamlessly blending existing personal collections with owner, Jen Kalmes’ exceptionally refined attention to detail and style.  Her detail-oriented team prides itself on technical skill in precisely depicting final custom designs with hand-drawn sketches and fine-tuned AutoCad drawings. This fastidiousness extends to maintaining professional relationships with both clients and contractors and ensures that client expectations are exceeded.

Every once in a while we come across a client whose insight for creativity challenges our creative paradigm. Jen Kalmes is a very sophisticated interior designer who has distinct mind for creative ingenuity as a designer.  When we met, she was in need of a full marketing and branding campaign from logo design, brochures, website, printing and website optimization.  The unique challenge for this project was transcribing Ms Kalmes’ ideas of an artist to creative lens of our graphics.

We got our team together in our war room brain storming sessions. We set up a creative competition amongst our graphic designers to see who could accurately come up with the most creative logo and identity that reflected the clients’ perception.

Our team once again was able deliver the vision of Ms. Kalmes. After about 8 logo designs, 4 website concepts, we were able to completely transcribe her vision to reality.

Logo Design, Website Development, Brochure Design, Printing (Business Card & Brochures) , Search Engine Optimization

From the moment I walked into the office and shook hands with Anthony, then Marinus, I knew my experience at Ennovative Solutions, Inc. would be heads and shoulders above all other web site designers I had encountered before. The team was refreshingly, well-prepared for my first meeting, showing me samples of website layouts and a marketing strategy portraying the attention to detail and program I was after. I knew instantly my voice would be heard and their work on my project would indeed be a collaboration of my ideas and their expertise. I continue to be thrilled with the final outcome of their hard work on Interiyours and know that they are in my corner for anything new I might dream up.