CONTRACT RESOURCE GROUP is an established dealer in Houston, Texas providing our clients with quality furniture, modular architectural walls and related services. Their mission of exceptional customer service and support from our HNI partners (Allsteel, Paoli, HON, Gunlocke, and HBF) allows us to simplify the process of buying office furniture so you can sit back and enjoy the experience.

For over 8 years Ennovative has been the GO-TO marketing firm for Contract Resource Group (CRG).  We were introduced to CRG at a time when they were spending an enormous monthly fee for website maintenance, their website was outdated, they did not feature on any SEO google searches.  The client’s immediate needs were to minimize cost, develop a new website and put a plan forward for optimization and maintenance.

Ennovative’s project team met with CRG’s project team to set a vision. After understanding the needs of  their business, partners and clients, we are able to develop a website that achieved and surpassed the team’s expectations. A few years after the initial development, CRG reached to Ennovative once again to upgrade the design with a new face lift. In addition to the website, Ennovative was able to develop several business tools and software products that helped CRG manage their business productivity and efficiency.  After completion of the website, a mobile site was developed with capabilities that will allow customers to take a picture of their furniture on their phone and instantly send to CRG for inquiries. We developed a portal used by the sales team to manage inventory and assist clients make purchases and product request. Additional, we developed a 3D Marketing Portal that allows CRG’s design and sales team to digitally send clients prototypes of products during the design phase via a secure URL. As a way of managing clients and guest for their annual Mardi Gras event, Ennovative developed a portal that was used annually to manage guest reservations.

The results of our collaboration over the years has yielded the following results. An enhanced website presence, increased business productivity, and increased efficiency as a result of the numerous business tools and software products developed. When we took over optimization of the website, the name “Contact Resource Group” or “CRG” was not optimized and did not come up when searched using any of the search engines. Within 90 days of optimizing website, not only was the name coming as No. 1 on all search engines, other keywords including their HNI partners were all ranked No. 1 in every search engine. We also ensured that the website was secure from numerous internet attacks and hacking by maintaining security and hosting of the website.

Website Development, Software Development, 3D Marketing Tool, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management System, Mobile Site Development, Brochure Design, Printing,

Ennovative Solutions, Inc. took our vision for a website and made it a reality! It turned out better than imagined and continues to grow. Their commitment to service makes it easy for us to walk away and know our website and our business are in good hands!

Joanna Prazak, LEED AP/ CRG Office